Monday, May 7, 2012

The Power of Concentration

 The Tree That Bears All Fruit
from Tales - Hazrat Inayat Khan
The more I study concentration, the more apparent it becomes that the power of our minds are formidable, indeed. What is important for our success in holding the object is genuine interest and determination.

The story below beautifully illustrates these concepts. Pay close attention to the ending - how might this last thought have manifested in your own life or the lives of others?

There is an old Hindu belief, found in the ancient myths of India, that there is a tree which they call Kamana Kapla Vrashka, a tree that bears all fruits that one can imagine. If a person is under that tree s/he has but to wish for what s/he would like, and in the same moment, all fruits, all flowers, everything s/he can imagine s/he will find brought forth by the tree as its fruits. He has but to wish and it will fall into his hands. If it is within one's reach one has to raise one's hand to pluck the flower or fruit of that tree; if it is beyond one's reach one has only to wish and the branch will reach one's hand, that one may pick it without any effort.

And there is a story about that tree, that a wanderer, while journeying in the deserts, by chance happened to sleep under it. And when, after a good sleep, he opened his eyes and looked up at the tree, he thought, "I suppose it must be a pear tree." No sooner had he thought that than two good ripe pears dropped near him. While lying there he picked them up.

"Oh," he said, "what a wonderful tree! If it were a grape tree, what a splendid thing it would be." As soon as he said it, the tree seemed full of grapes; and before he raised his hands, the branches bent low and without any effort he was able to pick the grapes.

But then he thought, "What a wonderful tree!" He wondered if the tree would yield some roses. And no sooner had he given a thought to it than the whole tree seemed to blossom into roses. This man became so surprised, so amazed and perplexed at this magical tree, that he wondered if it was true or if it was only a dream. As soon as he thought of a dream and looked at the tree, the tree vanished in a moment.