Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mullah Nasruddin

A scholar approached the Mullah and said, "I hear you know techniques that can give me revelations beyond what books and scriptures can impart."

"Indeed, it is so," replied the Mullah, "but only on the condition that you follow to the letter what I instruct."


The first week's assignment was to kneel in the marketplace three times daily, kiss the ground, grab his ears, and sing a particular song. The Mullah reassured the skeptical scholar that this would bring amazing revelations. A week later the scholar returned to report his progress. He was furious! Everyone in the market had roared with laughter and derision.

"I felt like a fool! A total complete fool! An absolute fool!"

The Mullah exclaimed, "Wow! Fantastic! Marvelous! For just one week's work, this is a profound revelation, wouldn't you say?"

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